Japanese Alpine News

Japanese Alpine News is an English-language publication launched by The Japanese Alpine Club (JAC) in 2001 and was published annually until 2015, with the Vol. 16 as the last issue.

Each issue contains reports on mountaineering activities by Japanese and international climbers in Asia and other parts of the world, as well as activities of the JAC and book reviews. Those interested can read articles in these magazines digitally by clicking [contents] at the bottom of each issue.

Print version of some of the editions are still available at the JAC. Those wishing to obtain copies are asked to contact the JAC administration office at

JAN 1-01.jpg JAN 2-01.jpg JAN 2-01-Sup.jpg
Vol.1  contents1-5.fw.png  Vol.2  contents1-5.fw.png  Vol.2  contents1-5.fw.png Supplementary
JAN 3-01.jpg JAN 4-01.jpg JAN 5-01.jpg
Vol.3  contents1-5.fw.png Vol.4  contents1-5.fw.png Vol.5  contents1-5.fw.png
JAN 5-01-Sup.jpg JAN 6-01.jpg JAN 7-01.jpg
Vol.5  contents1-5.fw.png Supplementary Vol.6  contents1-5.fw.png Vol.7  contents1-5.fw.png
JAN 8-01.jpg JAN 9-01.jpg JAN 10-01.jpg
Vol.8  contents1-5.fw.png Vol.9  contents1-5.fw.png Vol.10  contents1-5.fw.png 
JAN 11-01.jpg JAN 12-01.jpg JAN 13-01.jpg
Vol.11  contents1-5.fw.png  Vol.12  contents1-5.fw.png Vol.13  contents1-5.fw.png
JAN 14-01.jpg JAN15-01.jpg JAN16-01.jpg
Vol.14  contents1-5.fw.png Vol.15  contents1-5.fw.png Vol.16  contents1-5.fw.png